Why I write


Trudi Sutcliffe ©

I write to share stories. To feel at peace. To share the stories of the underdogs and the misunderstood. I write to walk in another’s shoes. I write because I love humanity and to stay present. I write to show beauty. I write to help others. I write because no-one is listening. I write to inspire.

I write to come out from behind the shadows I find myself in. I write to find myself, to find clarity. I write for the possibility doors will open. I write because I always have. I write because when I don’t, a part of me is missing. I write to stop the itch. I write because I have to.

And when I don’t write?

When I don’t write, it’s because I’m scared. Scared to face up to the page. Scared of showing others who I really am. Scared to be rejected. Scared to be disliked. Fear.

So, why do you write or not write?

This post was inspired by a book I’m dipping into: Writing Creative Non-fiction. Instructions  and insights from the teachers of the Associated Writing ProgramsIn the first chapter writer Terry Tempest Williams shares why he writes and then asks: Why do you write?



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