How to be ‘badass’ in today’s world

Forgotten Heroine: Lady Satan

Forgotten Heroine: Lady Satan (Photo credit: Felix_Nine)

I recently read a few posts on Justine Musk’s blog and it made me think, have I been too ‘nice’, do I need to be more badass?

As Justine notes in one of her posts, you need to be a ‘badass’ if you want to be true to yourself. Basically she is telling us, that to follow your own journey, you need to be on your own personal quest, and that means being tough and being true to who you are.

To do this you have to know who you are, what you want out of life, know what your passion/s in life are, and how you are going to get there.

I imagine many people who know me, would describe me as ‘nice’.

But do I really want to be considered ‘nice’? I like to think I’m easy going, in that so-called ‘Kiwi easy nature’. But then I thought of all the people who are described as easy going, they tend to be men. And then I realised something, many ‘easy going’ females are not labelled with ‘easy going’, but are labelled with the word ‘nice’. A walkover. A doormat.

Now I’m not talking about conquering the world in the sense of stomping on everyone who gets in my way, I’m talking about conquering the world because I know who I am, what my values are and I’m not going to be everyone’s doormat. I am going to be me. Like it or lump it. By the way if you have trouble with saying the word ‘no’ to others you have to read Justine Musk’s 25 Badass ways to say no. Some of my personal favourites are: I know longer do things that make me want to kill myself, I would be the most worst person to execute, are you on crack?, and I’d rather stick needles in my eyes…or yours. Read it, it’s a keeper.

So lets be badass. Let’s show the world what we can do. Let’s be generous with our time, our home, and to those who we care and love, but remember to choose wisely on how you spend your time and who you are with.

Remember you are not just cheating the world by ‘being’ small, you are cheating yourself on the possibilities on what life can offer, be who you are meant to be.

If you want to know more about being badass, try Justine Musk’s blog.

A few years ago I wrote this poem about being labelled when I didn’t want to be labelled. It’s about a relationship I had in my late teens and I was considered someone’s Mrs. Yes you read it right, I was 19 years of age, and a ‘Mrs’!

The Mrs 

He said I hid behind his words.

I said I was quiet. He said

I didn’t make enough noise. I

said I was shy. But I never

wanted to be one or the other.

I wanted to rage all night

and forget me

but instead the

Chinese noodles on my

electric blanket reminds

me of a blank memory.

He said I hollered

money back when the

music turned down.

He said I danced on our table

before I hit my head on

the glass door on the way to

the toilet or somewhere.

I was his Mrs they said,

but I didn’t want to be

his or anyone’s Mrs.

© Trudi Sutcliffe 

What changes can you do today, to be more badass and show the world who you truly are and not who the person the world presumes or judges? Remember you don’t have to be anyone’s Mrs if you don’t want to be.


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