How are your new year resolutions going?

Been too windy and miserable to go for that everyday run you promised yourself?image

Still trying to get through your gifts of chocolate before you start your promised diet?

The kids are on holiday so your promise of everyday writing/creating has gone out the window?

Take it from me you are not the only one!

When I look back over the last year I imagine if it was a school report card, my teachers would have written: “Trudi has so much potential, but needs to focus and work a bit harder.”

But apart from when I’m at yoga my mind is constantly on the go. I’m either constantly planning what I should be doing, where I’m meant to be, where my family are, and what I’ll be preparing for our dinner plates. Like many I’m striving for my career and for life-balance. Does life need to be this complicated? How do we keep it real?

I’ve got many fantastic friends, but there is a small group who I consider my ‘tribe’. We are all writers, writing in a range of genre’s but still writers regardless. This year we want to strive for various success and to ‘ship out our darlings’. So together we are setting our own individual goals and emotionally an intellectually cheerleading each other along our often turbulent paths of nappies, paint, writing time, football games to cheer and noise….a busy household is rarely quiet!

So if you’re like me and often swimming in shallow waters or just treading water instead of taking a leap of faith and going deeper, find some friends who could be ‘your’ tribe (if you want to find out more about tribes try Seth Godin’s website) ‘who get you’ and like you striving for that inner peace of living the good life according to your own manifesto.

Hold hands together and take that leap. 

Do you have a tribe or a group of besties who support and nourish and support your goals?


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