TS-0017Hi my name is Trudi, and this blog is about my creative journey in life and discovering the power of the word ‘yes’. Over the last four years I have changed direction from being a preschool teacher to working in marketing/communications, now editing a quarterly magazine, Swings & Roundabouts specialising in Early Childhood education and running my own business, as a contractor selling properties. Why all these changes?

I read a quote on The Big Idea from a NZ film maker, Tanu Gago, “It’s totally within your ability to repeat 2010 during 2011. Don’t do it. Bring yourself a new day!” These words have reverberated inside my head and I can’t let them go.

Over the last few years I’ve joined the freelance world in writing, editing and copy writing, worked on some fiction pieces, and started a new blog, Cutting Loose. A blog about cutting loose, being free, and living your dream, and basically leaving those shackles behind. The posts will inspire, give hope, plus rant and rave on various topics close to the heart. Join me in this journey….

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