We all have a story – stop avoiding and start listening

Home by Trudi Sutcliffe


I live in a small city, Porirua, New Zealand, with a population of around 50,000, a baby city really. Geographically our city is split by our two harbours, our many hills and demographically. Like many larger cities we have our poor and our wealthy, its white and its brown faces.

We are shadowed by our larger and hipper neighbouring city, Wellington, which is also the capital of New Zealand known for its strong café and bar scene and where many of our locals commute to daily.

But when I’m driving home and I see Mount Cooper/Whitireia’s half-moon shape I know I’m nearly there…home.

“We turn the corner on the motorway and there it is. Whitiriea. The heart calms. The breath deepens. HOME.”

But often when I’m at a local event or even just shopping I’m struck by the diversity in our city and how we mostly all get along, but how we often know so little about each other, and how this lack of knowledge can sometimes lend us to sit uncomfortably side-by-side. But it also makes me wonder about each of these communities and sub-communities, our diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, sporting and art cultures, and from our youth to our elderly. What are their stories? What are their aspirations?

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Travelling or stumbling down the road less travelled


Boulder-juggling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the blog The Art of Non-conformity Chris Guillebeau discusses how to live a life of non-conformity…

Can I do this with the two kids, the Man and the dog?

Well Leo Babauta from the blog Zen Habits along with his six kids and wife manage to live a life travelling down an uncharted road. Just not sure I can convince the rest of the family to live with less!!!

But I’m sure there are other options we can try.

But the road less travelled when you’re 40 years of age, have two teenage children who constantly need bus passes (there is no way I’m home schooling, I don’t care about the benefits, I’d rather pull my teeth out millimetre by millimetre), sport fees and much as I’ve tried putting bricks on top of my kid’s heads, it just doesn’t stop them from growing.

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Procrastination or is it vulnerability?

English: Seal Rock from Cliff House. San Franc...

English: Seal Rock from Cliff House. San Francisco, California, USA. Français : Seal Rock vu depuis Cliff House. San Francisco, Californie (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you find yourself procrastinating before you place words on a page or brush paint on a canvas? Do you think twice about putting yourself on the line, to be exposed to others, and the possibility someone might call you a dreamer, or useless, or a no-hoper. Do you wonder if you are ready to put your words out there for all to see? Do you wonder if you have got anything worthwhile to say?

Is this fear reasonable? Is this fear really the fear of being vulnerable?

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How do you know when a project is finished?

My daughter looks at one of my paintings. “Is that finished yet Mum?

Stand up Sister – Trudi Sutcliffe ©

I study the painting. “I don’t think so. It needs something else.” (What that ‘else’ is, I just don’t know, it could be one of so many things.)

It looks finished to me. I think your problem Mum is that you over do it.”

Words from a babe can be so spot on.

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Reach for those dreams…damn it

Dreams can come true, if we have the courage  to pursue them…

Walt Disney

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Walt D...

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a forty year old mother of two and like many of us, I have years of broken and unrealised dreams.

Why is this? What has prevented me from moving forward and reaching my dreams…will they forever be a dream, or can they become a reality, can they become my life, my living reality?

The reasons why I haven’t lived the life I thought I would are as varied as flavours for ice-cream. And I imagine it could be the same for you, not one reason, but many. At the top of my list would be  fear.

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