Blue is the warmest color and relationship dilemma

Blue is the Warmest colourThere are not many films that encourage me to write, but as I was watching Blue is the Warmest Color I craved to pick up my pen and start writing, not because the film was so bad that I wanted to rewrite it, but because the film, the dialogue (subtitles), the characterization and the story line was so good. So strong. There were moments where I had aha moments. When I observed how the film used literature and culture to define the two main characters. I also had the odd moment when, I thought to myself, damn I’d wish I’d written that.

This film spans a decade and is predominantly a coming-of-age story for the main protagonist, Adele. Just after starting up a relationship with a boy from her school Adele has a chance encounter with a slightly older woman, which leads Adele to think that something is missing in her relationship with the boy. Adele who is still at high school and the other woman, Emma is a young student completing her final year with a Fine Arts degree. Emma, being the elder of the two takes on the younger Adele as her protégé, not just sexually but to support her in her growth in becoming a young adult and person.

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Why you should watch Ruby Sparks


2012_ruby_sparks_004 (Photo credit: bangdoll@flickr)

Ruby Sparks isn’t a current film, it was released last year in 2012. It was on my must-watch list, but I think the précis of a blocked writer who writes about a woman he has dreamt about, the ‘dream girl’, and who then mysteriously appears in his life as his girlfriend was a bit hard to swallow. But now that I have watched it I’m so pleased I did. It’s not your typical movie, although on its basic level it’s a rom-com, but it shows and says so much more than your average rom-com. The film is kind of funny, kind of sweet, and kind of sinister and written by a woman. The film’s writer and star of the movie, Zoe Kazan, said she wrote the piece to object to male writers who portray female roles with little substance.

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