2013-boston-marathon-survivors-cross-finish-linenydaily newsA year ago I wrote a blog post called, ‘The Crime of the Boston marathon’. The focus was not on those maimed or killed, but on the two bombers and the lack of belonging and the disengagement many feel in mainstream society. It was a story where I wasn’t sanctioning what the bombers allegedly did, but just encouraging discussion on the bigger picture of humanity and empathy.

But today’s piece of writing was sparked by the above photo. The photo of  Celeste Corcoran who lost her lower legs in last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. She and daughter Sydney, right, were back at the race with Celeste’s sister Carmen Acabbo. This photo too is about humanity, but it is also about inner strength , courage and the resilience within Celeste, her family and all of the competitors who came back to the Boston Marathon this year, particular those who ran the year before and of course those who like Celeste had been maimed. This image represents what ‘resilience’ means to many. Imagine the fear as these runners crossed the start line, let alone as they neared the finish line. But they did it! How is it that some people fall apart from the smallest incident, and others rise above great hardships or incidents becoming even stronger?

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Why do I write?

writingWhy I write? This is a good question and I’m not even sure I can answer it.

I’ve always had this burn to write. I wrote and directed plays forcing my younger sister and neighbour to perform in front of our parents as a young child and I scribbled poems into my Dad’s old work diary.

Now as an adult I’ve written on and off in a journal for years. I write poetry to share out loud with  a group  of friends as a poetry performance group. Plus I’m in the middle of writing my second draft of a young adult novel.

So why do I write these words and live parts of my day in somebody else’s head? Apart from my performance poetry and now this blog, plus twitter, nobody sees the words that I’m seeing in my head and on the page. So why am I doing it?

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Sexism and motherhood and what really matters

Seething I push ‘off’ on the phone. Pushing the button ‘off’ didn’t 1950s-housewife satisfy the frustration I felt. Slamming the phone old school back onto its ‘hook’ would have been more fulfilling.

Why was I so furious?

Someone on the other end of the line had told me she ‘didn’t know why women would do that type of a job’!

What kind of job you wonder.

The career of a top executive or CEO. One who is on call 24/7.

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Compassion for the teenage years


teenagers (Photo credit: Pierre Metivier)

After driving two teens to school and listening to the talk of bullying, teachers who misunderstand and who ‘judge too easily’, it reminds you of this messy thing called life.

There is often no worse time than when you are a teenager. Although you can’t tell a teenager, it will get better, because teens tend to live in the now. Plus I’m sure most of us can remember some ‘wise’ and older person telling us that school is the best times of our lives, with no responsibility, no bills to pay and being pampered by doting and indulging parents. I guess it all depends what you call a ‘good time’…I know my early teens were reasonably carefree and my later teens had some insecurities but muted with the freedom that comes with leaving secondary school, drinking, and partying, but my mid-teens were fraught with insecurity and hormones.

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How to be ‘badass’ in today’s world

Forgotten Heroine: Lady Satan

Forgotten Heroine: Lady Satan (Photo credit: Felix_Nine)

I recently read a few posts on Justine Musk’s blog and it made me think, have I been too ‘nice’, do I need to be more badass?

As Justine notes in one of her posts, you need to be a ‘badass’ if you want to be true to yourself. Basically she is telling us, that to follow your own journey, you need to be on your own personal quest, and that means being tough and being true to who you are.

To do this you have to know who you are, what you want out of life, know what your passion/s in life are, and how you are going to get there.

I imagine many people who know me, would describe me as ‘nice’.

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