Travelling or stumbling down the road less travelled


Boulder-juggling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the blog The Art of Non-conformity Chris Guillebeau discusses how to live a life of non-conformity…

Can I do this with the two kids, the Man and the dog?

Well Leo Babauta from the blog Zen Habits along with his six kids and wife manage to live a life travelling down an uncharted road. Just not sure I can convince the rest of the family to live with less!!!

But I’m sure there are other options we can try.

But the road less travelled when you’re 40 years of age, have two teenage children who constantly need bus passes (there is no way I’m home schooling, I don’t care about the benefits, I’d rather pull my teeth out millimetre by millimetre), sport fees and much as I’ve tried putting bricks on top of my kid’s heads, it just doesn’t stop them from growing.

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