2013-boston-marathon-survivors-cross-finish-linenydaily newsA year ago I wrote a blog post called, ‘The Crime of the Boston marathon’. The focus was not on those maimed or killed, but on the two bombers and the lack of belonging and the disengagement many feel in mainstream society. It was a story where I wasn’t sanctioning what the bombers allegedly did, but just encouraging discussion on the bigger picture of humanity and empathy.

But today’s piece of writing was sparked by the above photo. The photo of  Celeste Corcoran who lost her lower legs in last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. She and daughter Sydney, right, were back at the race with Celeste’s sister Carmen Acabbo. This photo too is about humanity, but it is also about inner strength , courage and the resilience within Celeste, her family and all of the competitors who came back to the Boston Marathon this year, particular those who ran the year before and of course those who like Celeste had been maimed. This image represents what ‘resilience’ means to many. Imagine the fear as these runners crossed the start line, let alone as they neared the finish line. But they did it! How is it that some people fall apart from the smallest incident, and others rise above great hardships or incidents becoming even stronger?

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Procrastination or is it vulnerability?

English: Seal Rock from Cliff House. San Franc...

English: Seal Rock from Cliff House. San Francisco, California, USA. Français : Seal Rock vu depuis Cliff House. San Francisco, Californie (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you find yourself procrastinating before you place words on a page or brush paint on a canvas? Do you think twice about putting yourself on the line, to be exposed to others, and the possibility someone might call you a dreamer, or useless, or a no-hoper. Do you wonder if you are ready to put your words out there for all to see? Do you wonder if you have got anything worthwhile to say?

Is this fear reasonable? Is this fear really the fear of being vulnerable?

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