Compassion for the teenage years


teenagers (Photo credit: Pierre Metivier)

After driving two teens to school and listening to the talk of bullying, teachers who misunderstand and who ‘judge too easily’, it reminds you of this messy thing called life.

There is often no worse time than when you are a teenager. Although you can’t tell a teenager, it will get better, because teens tend to live in the now. Plus I’m sure most of us can remember some ‘wise’ and older person telling us that school is the best times of our lives, with no responsibility, no bills to pay and being pampered by doting and indulging parents. I guess it all depends what you call a ‘good time’…I know my early teens were reasonably carefree and my later teens had some insecurities but muted with the freedom that comes with leaving secondary school, drinking, and partying, but my mid-teens were fraught with insecurity and hormones.

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